It’s been three years since I started this blog. Several of you have been with me on this journey since the beginning. Other’s have joined along the way. And I’m grateful for you all. Your comments, your advise, and your encouragement. I’m sure not everyone has enjoyed, or agreed with, my many musings at times. Or always been amused by my misadventures or, let’s be honest, antics. But you’ve stuck with it, and with me.

You’re all aware I’ve been stuck here in Lugo for the past 10 days or so, after my rodeo clown act in the middle of the night with the javalies on the A6. The upside is I’ve met wonderful people. Strangers who have become friends in a short time. Kind of like on this blog. But something happened yesterday and I need to shout it out. I got to meet the famous Carol Joyner. Yes, that Carol Joyner who has guided, advised, shaken her head (I’m very sure), and much more over the past 3 years in the comments right here.

Like me, Carol lives in Spain, and more importantly in Galicia. She and Melito were in Lugo yesterday and dropped off a couple of gifts at my hotel. What a wonderful, and amazing, surprise! Wine from their vineyard and a Sargadelos for our new home. I am touched beyond words.

It’s not the first gift she’s bestowed on me, either. She sent me the Spanish driving manual in Ingles two years ago. So I could pass my test and get on the road. In this age of Covid I was sad I couldn’t hug her. We’ll save it for another time. But on this day, of all days, with the nail biting election back home – it was wonderful to have seen Carol, a friend and fellow American. A bit like a touch stone. I’ll take it as a good sign. A hopeful sign.

Sometimes, as a writer it can feel lonely. You put it out there – the good, the bad, often the ugly. You don’t always know how it lands. But when it connects you with wonderful people it’s all worth it. Thank you so much, Carol and Melito. The best of us. Your kindness has touched me beyond words.

5 thoughts on “Kindness

  • Wonderful ! Although I’ve only been along for about a year, I marvel at what you’ve accomplished. I’m taking notes . . .
    Keep on posting.

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  • Awww….you are making me cry

    I was running up to hug you but I think we both stopped at the same time, damn virus. I am so happy to have finally met you. I love giving gifts and and it was our pleasure to welcome you both, fellow Americans, to Galicia. I don’t think that I will be up all night watching the election returns but I will be watching CNN all day Wednesday to hope for a better USA.

    Milito and I will always be around for you and Jeff if you need anything in the future.

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