Lugo Perimeter Lockdown

BREAKING NEWS: We are in lockdown in Lugo. No in or out. No mixing with those outside immediate family. My new friends can’t mix with me as I’m not in their households. Cases are rising here and they need to stem the tide. All major Galician cities are the same. No house viewing next week. My car isn’t ready yet anyway. Good thing I have a good supply of books.

There are people hurting right now. A hotel isn’t the worst place to be. But I won’t lie, it sucks. I’d rather have been done with the viewings, made some decisions, then gone home to Jeff before all this. When I said I might never leave Lugo I was kidding. Now it looks like perhaps it was foreshadowing.

The world seems to be in such a crazy place right now. Covid. The election in the US (bringing hope or despair – we shall see which it is in a few days). Families are separated all over. People are alone and sick. I’m going to keep my chin up here, and try to count my blessings. And look at the pictures of the river I took last night. Sometimes you have to look a little harder for the upside – but it’s there. I’ll find it.

That’s all – that’s the whole post.

6 thoughts on “Lugo Perimeter Lockdown

  • Look at it this way. Anne Frank spent 761 days hiding behind a bookcase from the Nazis, knowing if she was found her life was over. Most of us will make it thru these crazy times and keep on living.

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    • Of course. For me, its more inconvenient now. I read an article this weekend that because of the severity of my Covid infection I likely have t-cells that will provide immunity for quite awhile. Being in a hotel is certainly better than it was being in a hospital back in April. 2020 has sucked but I have a lot to be thankful for.

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  • Hopefully it’s just till Tuesday. People move around a lot this weekend (some have a long weekend and also people go to the cemeteries where they have loved ones); so they’re trying to stop all that movement.

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