Lugo – A Walk by the River

Yesterday was a rest day. And then right before sunset I went for an 11km walk down by the Mino river. This is the big river that runs through Lugo, Portomarin and is also, much further downstream, the waterway that forms the border between Portugal and Spain.

I sent this video to Jeff and he was thrilled. ‘A real river!! Looks like there’s plenty of places to fly fish.’ My thoughts exactly.

And of course there is a lot of water here. After my coffee at the cafe in the square under a downpour, the water has to go somewhere.

Half the town was out for a stroll as I made my way from the path along one of the steams that feeds into the Mino, to where the river rushes south. I took some photos along the route. A peaceful way to end the day.

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