Happy Birthday Jeff!!

The waves of the Silver Coast

Its el Jefe’s birthday! What do you get a guy who is interested in nearly everything? Its not easy. I couldn’t find cards. And I don’t have any art supplies to make his card. So I headed down to our local grocery store and found some water colors and paper. Luckily its back to school time so its easy to find a cheap set of paints.

This wasn’t the plan. I’m an acrylics painter. Not water colors. So it was going to be sad kindergarten DIY all the way. But what to paint for him? I woke up early this am and looked outside. Jeff loves this view so it seemed like the way to go. Its ‘impressionist’ since I left my glasses up stairs in the bedroom and he was still sleeping. My vision of the sea was a bit blurry this morning.

I also got him a scratch off map so he can track his past adventures and all the ones to come. And starting at midnight our time the well wishes rolled in from near and far. A lucky guy with so many who love him. His phone lock screen is filled with it.

So join me in wishing Happy Birthday to Jeff. The most curious man I know. You’re the person I want in my corner when the wind blows cold and waves get big, with outcomes uncertain. May this next year bring you adventures that exceed even your expectations. Cheers!

Update: He opened his real presents. I went down to Bertrands in Leiria and of the 50 books they had in english, their buyer decided these were the must-haves for their english speaking clientele. I must meet the people this person is buying for. But until then, I wholeheartedly agree with the purchase and Jeff loves them. I mean – 2020, right? At this stage, who couldn’t use a survival guide? I’ll borrow them when he’s done.

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