Wifi at the Lavandaria

I’m at the laundromat because I have no dryer and it turns out on foggy days laundry doesn’t dry at all on the line. We never needed a dryer in Valencia – even in the winter. So I’m sitting here watching it spin. And they have free wifi. Take that Vodafone and your data limits!

I’m a firm believer that things generally work out. I was having more duplicate keys made in town and was wondering where I could get my clothes dried. Right across the street was a lavandaria. Bingo!

The other clothes-washers at the lavandaria helped me navigate the thoroughly automated process. Its been awhile since I had to attempt a public laundry and its very different here, even from Valencia. Now I’m all set.

Speaking of keys, we had our first Holy crap! We’re locked out incident, but not like you’d think. I was prepared. I’d hidden a spare key outside. It would not happen again. No Portuguese bone scans for me. But then we learned something about houses with locks like ours. If you leave a key in the lock on the back side of the door and shut the door with no knob to turn, even if you have a key you can not turn the lock from the outside. Good to know. So we were locked out.

But alas, I had left the window open in second floor Sunroom. Jeff refers to this as ‘the crows nest’. But how to access it? The ladder was in the house. This is where my ability to climb in and out of my bedroom window as a teenager comes in handy. We have these pallets that are all the rage for patios here. They are usually 3 high topped with bright cushions overlooking the water.

Jeff tried to climb up the house but promptly fell – with some damage to a gutter. This required expertise. I told him to stand back and stacked these up. He, fearing for my safety, volunteered to climb up the monkey puzzle of pallets to the window I had left open. Whew! That was a close one. And now we know never to leave keys in locks. Which sounds weird. Or to always leave a window open.

Well, I gotta go. My last dryer has stopped and its 150 degrees in here so I’m excited to load up my duffel of laundry and get in the car with AC and to take my mask 😷 off. Time to head back over the dunes for home. And shop online for a dryer. Cheers!

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