Adding Water

Deposit is completed. I’ve never had a harder time giving people money in my life. But as Carol said, its in the rearview mirror. Now the dance of the other stuff commences.

I’m the money. Thats always been my role. Jeff will sweat the other stuff and he can write about that. This has worn me out. But you can already tell we are excited to have a home of our own. This is our dining room now. My home gym equipment is in there somewhere too.

We did keep a path through the boxes but there are only 10 more to be packed for the kitchen. The guest room and storage is all packed up. Then we tackle the stuff in Espacio Creativo. The house comes fully furnished so we will take some pieces and sell others.

My goal is to keep out just what we will need for the next 30 days – cooking, eating, clothes, towels. More and more countries are issuing travel warnings for Spain. Germany is the latest. Its growing concerning by the day. If we need to head to Portugal quickly we will have everything ready for a moving company to collect with minimal effort on our part. I’m just crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer. Maybe I’ll stop by my favorite church and light a candle.

Years ago, when we lived in Bellevue, Jeff built a gorgeous deck off the back of our house. As he put up the railings I went right behind him and painted them. It frustrated the hell out of him but I was so excited! I know I’m doing that now, too. But I don’t care. When you let yourself dream its the only way dreams become reality. And we had months to dream of a house by the sea during lockdown. I figure thats like the frozen-concentrated-orange-juice of dreaming. Powerful stuff. Just add water and stir. It will grow, exponentially.

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