Spain – Cases Rising, Again

Covid cases are rising in Spain. Its worse in Catalunya and Aragon but its rising in Valencia too. Young people at the beach and in night clubs are taking it from family transmissions to the more deadly community transmissions.

Today we woke up and headed to Bauhaus (Home Depot) for boxes. We want to be packed up when the times comes. Ready for a moving company. And we discovered that the police checkpoints are back.

Masks are mandatory in nearly all provinces of Spain when ever you leave your home. Only a few exceptions. Even eating on a terrace you can only take the mask off to put food or drink in your mouth. Driving, you must wear a mask if all people in the car are not living in the same household. And can prove it. It worked before, it can work again.

So the police are stopping cars and checking. This includes work trucks, vans and autoescuelas. So we will both be prepared to show ID to the cops who will inevitably pull us over to check.

When we got back from our house hunting trip we sat on the bench out front and watched the world go by. Half of people had stopped wearing masks. Three British 20 somethings walked by mask-less as though it were 2019. For dinner that night I ordered a pizza and we went to pick it up. Not one person sitting in that restaurant were wearing masks. And the staff at the counter wasn’t either. Its as though half the city lost their collective memory on what we all lived through this Spring. Never mind, they likely never had it. The whole city was locked in their homes. Nay, the entire country.

We are hoping the new cases won’t stop us from getting our house. If they close the border (Valencian or Portugal) we are toast. But more than that, we are hoping that people will wake up and realize that wearing a mask saves everyone. That we have a duty to each other. Yes, its hot and sweaty. I hate it. In the extreme heat and humidity of the Mediterranean its almost unbearable some days. But we will do it every time until there is a vaccine. So we can stay open. So the economy can tick forward. And so we can all remain healthy. Its quite literally the least we can do.

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