Sometimes You Just Know

*apologies – please forgive mistakes – blogging from my phone

In her book ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ writer Frances Mayes says something like ‘I’m crazy – I bought a house for a life I didn’t even have.’ I’ve always loved that idea. Taking a leap into the unknown in the hopes that somehow you’ll find its become you – while you weren’t looking. Its the theme of my life. And I’ve got the scars to prove it.

On this quest of ours to find a home where, as my Mother always said ‘They’ll have to take me out of here feet first.’ I’ve been looking for something I didn’t understand. A feeling. It would hit me and I’d just know.

Yesterday, the very first house we saw hit me with that feeling. Its a strange house. No grand entrance. If you saw it you’d understand what I mean. But the tile mosaic next to the front gate had me reaching up and running my fingers over the painted surface. When I said ‘Hello old friend’ Jeff asked me who I was talking to. I didn’t know myself.

We were led through the gate and into a walled garden towards the front door, passing a table with seating for 16. The house is a mix of old and new. Parts are best described as early fisherman’s cottage. Others are more open plan. Walking throughout was like putting on a favorite coat. Familiar- even though I’d never been there before.

Looking at certain spaces I could write there or This would be the perfect room to paint. I’ve said before that I wanted a house I never wanted to leave. Well, I didn’t want to leave that house. I don’t know why. Our kids will love it – and, of course, it will be theirs someday.

It’s being sold fully furnished and some of the pieces are incredible. The owner is an artist and her paintings are everywhere. These are the only things that won’t stay.

We left and went into town to talk about it over a coffee. Jeff has been what can only be described as giddy ever since.

We have other houses to look at all over Pontevedra for the next three days. It will provide needed perspective. But I didn’t sleep last night thinking of that house and the light in the room where I’ll paint. I’ve now cancelled all our Friday appointments and we are going to drive back down to see it again. Because buying a house for a life I don’t have seems kind of wonderful right now. Sometimes you just know.

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