Masked Montage

We are at the tail end of our State of Alarm and the Nuevo Normalidad begins on Monday. Tech in the grocery store is catching up to the circumstances. Consum now has electronic visual queuing to regulate the correct number of people in the store, based on square footage, at any given time. To comply with the National regulations on social distancing and indoor capacity.

We made another trip to the Mercadona this week. We were ready. Jeff watched the infractions other were being chastised for while we were in line, and vowed he would not fall victim to the wrath of the checker. But it was not to be. He was, again, scolded. It seems the cart must be turned around backwards and can not be pushed directly towards the belt. A required maneuver we had not seen before. Its a moving target. Hence, our trip to Consum today. As Jeff says ‘It’s not Mercadona.’Thank God.’ After this is over someone needs to make a spoof music video of a synchronized cart ballet where the checkers run amok shouting at the dancers and trying to push them out of the way while they dance with their carts. I’d pay good money to see that.

The new normal requires us to get creative. Jeff and I are collaborating now. He bakes the cake and I’m in charge of the frosting. Here are just a few of our latest creations. The rainbow one is to celebrate the SCOTUS decision this week that all people in the workplace – including LGBTQ+ – should have equal protections under the law. Now we just need to see that this idea propagates throughout society. Nope – not a political statement. Just Human Rights and Justice for all.

On the way to my Dr appointment yesterday I saw this photo. Even the street artists are shouting it from the surfaces of Valencia.

Love yourself. ❤️ Love each other 🌈 And Wear a Mask 😷

P.S. Check out our new section. Jeff’s Corner – House Hunting in Spain. Jeff now has full access to The Blog, to post, shape and make it better. This is a hot topic so he’ll have his own WP profile so he can answer your questions and communicate directly. Instead of logging in as me. Should be fun.

2 thoughts on “Masked Montage

  • I love your collaboration masks. Need to add something smiley to mine. But the REAL point of this comment is to share my excitement – I still have 2 seasons to watch of The Cable Girls and Season 6 starts in early July!!! YAY!!! I have 3 seasons I still get to watch. So excited. And even though they speak too fast for me much of the time, I’m still picking up some new words, clarifying others, and just enjoying these strong gals. So thanks for sharing about them!

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