Time to be Counted

With the tragedy of George Floyd’s death and other unjust killings of Black citizens by police in the US, and the subsequent protests in every major city, it’s surprised me to see all the protests in solidarity around the globe. Unprecedented. On every continent people are shouting at the top of their lungs to be heard – The status quo will no longer be tolerated.

In Valencia it’s no different. Now that we are in Phase 2 of deescalation, the population is letting their feeling be known and standing with those around the world, and in the US, calling for social justice and police reform #BlackLivesMatter.

Here are is a video I took from today’s protest in Colon.

The protesters where vocal but peaceful. The police were respectful of the protesters. No aggression or weapons or riot gear. The army wasn’t called in or even the national police. They peacefully performed crowd control and traffic control. At one point I bumped into a cop and he apologized, making sure I stayed on my feet.

It wasn’t a huge gathering. But it made me feel good that my adopted home town is raising it’s collective voice, too. If we stick together, we truly can change the world.

6 thoughts on “Time to be Counted

    • They’re from all over. Valencia has a significant expat community that draws from around the globe. But most ppl there were Spanish – as far as I could tell. George Floyd’s death has struck a cord in Europe. In Madrid the protests were bigger and they’re not yet out of phase 1. So protesting in a pandemic means ppl are willing to risk their lives for what they believe about equality and justice for all. Inspiring to see the empathy since it was sparked across an ocean.


  • When I first saw this post I thought “I was there as well”. Then I saw my wife and myself toward the tail end of your video. The world is a very small place.

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  • When I first read of the protests in London and Berlin, of people standing in solidarity with us, I cried. When I read your message, I cried. As a white person, I know what is happening out there. As a white mom of 2 black kids, I really know what is happening out there. Just three weeks ago my 22 yo son’s car window was broken out at 20:30 at night. When he called, I automatically asked if he had called the police to report it. “Mom, I can’t call the police, I’m a black man.” I know this and yet it’s so easy to forget. What we were raised to believe – call the police, they are always there for you – doesn’t apply across the board to my kids nor to people of color. Yes, there are good cops. But as long as there are bad officers that will kill and remain in uniform, it’s difficult to see the good because of the bad. Thank you for sharing this today. It helps my heart.

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    • I know what you mean about crying. Being so far from home and watching what’s happening has been emotional. And today was no different. I did thank a couple of cops there. They were so nice. It wasn’t like we’re seeing on the news. I’m so sorry to hear about your sons continued life experience and what they have to deal with. I can’t even imagine what you must feel as their mother. The time has come to end it – once and for all.


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