Thinking of Home

Today, watching all that is unfolding in Minneapolis, and cities around the US, my heart is breaking. In 2020 we are still battling our worst demons; the long shadow of slavery, and racial and economic inequality in America. So, this morning I did what I always do when I have high anxiety – I cleaned. Scrubbing stains and dirt until long past the time they were visible.

There on my knees on the bathroom floor, I thought of so many things I would want to say. I am angry. But my anger doesn’t matter. I was born into privilege because of the color of my skin. My thoughts don’t matter at all on this topic because I will never truly understand what it’s like to live in fear for my children’s safety going down to the corner store for a candy bar. From the police – no less. So, instead, I went out and re-read one of the greatest speeches ever delivered – as if it were a sermon or a prayer. Words written by a man who gave his life for the cause of peace, justice and freedom.

We are far from our country today. But our hearts are there. Below you can read the words of Dr. Martin Luther King. It might have been delivered before I was born, but the words he spoke are as true now as on that day, 57 years ago, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

One thought on “Thinking of Home

  • You are right. I remember watching him deliver that speech. I didn’t think much about it then, until he was killed and the riots broke out in Baltimore. My father, a firefighter, couldn’t get home for days. Now I read this speech and it gives me chills..How did they forget these words?

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