Spain – 10 days of Mourning

Today is the first official day of 10 days of mourning for the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic – in Spain. At 12 noon each day, we will all observe a minute of silence wherever we find ourselves, to remember. We are to hang our Spanish flags from our balconies and add a black adornment in their honor.

Outside, each official government building throughout the country, flags will fly at half staff and those in government positions will come out on to the steps and stand as one – regardless of political party. This will include the judiciary, the police, and bureaucrats who have returned to their jobs. And the King and Queen and the palace staff.

‘Weep for so many thousands of compatriots that we have lost in this pandemic. To all of them, together with their families, we owe our memory, our mourning and our affection,” ~ King Felipe VI of Spain

Today, near our apartment, one lane of a large thoroughfare was closed by police cars. At noon, they all stood outside their cars. It was a moving moment. We have our flag out and are participating in a small way., too.

As the premier of the Valencian Community – Ximo Puig said today ‘It is an incomparable pain and collective loss…It could have been any one of us and they will remain in our memory.’

We will overcome this. Of course we will. As a community. As a country. The world. But we also know that life will never be the same for this generation. Jeff and I were talking about it yesterday. The memory and impact will last for the children who have endured this – long after we adults are gone. They have new knowledge that their world can turn on a dime, the world we know is only temporary, and that people we love can leave us in the blink of an eye.

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