Bonus Blog – A Bedtime Story

I’m sure many of you have probably seen this but watching it struck a cord deep inside.

I’ve asked many people I know if they view the world differently now. And if they do, have they changed in significant ways? Some have said a resounding ‘Yes!!!’ While others have said any of the positives are temporary.

‘Everyone will go back to doing exactly what they were doing before. Nothing ever really changes humans for the better.’

As for me? I predict there will be profound changes globally. How we work, play and value those around us. Yes, there will be people who may have started nasty habits during the lockdown. Here’s hoping it won’t be lasting. But there are many others who have had the scales fall from their eyes.

I read in a UK paper recently that in the midst of this pandemic there is real hope in the country now that all the messages over the last decade of austerity, and ‘Profit over People’ will be exposed, and a kinder society will prevail.

Hopefully, just as this future father in the video tells his son, ‘The Great Realization’ will be the first of many much-needed realizations to come. May this bedtime story be more than just a fairytale; but a historical story we tell our children and grandchildren. A celebration of the awakening of humanity from a long slumber. When, at last, unimaginably we stopped the entire world all at the same time, and decided our planet, and mankind, deserved our whole hearts 💕 and our full attention. 🙏

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