As this virus wages war against humanity, those of us who are in countries hardest hit are staying inside. And I have watched myself in this time. As though from a distance. There have been moments of panic – like 20 minutes after my Doctor’s office called. And moments of joy watching the community coming together and the kindness people are demonstrating daily.

But for me it’s made me listen to things. Myself and others. And taking time in the quiet to reflect. Something I don’t always take the time to do. I am a busy person – usually. I DO a lot. It’s the way I was raised. Doing is good. Doing mean you’re industrious and being industrious is virtuous. As my grandma used to say ‘Idleness is the devils playground.’ And when we were kids in our house you never laid about or you’d be given a task. Stacking wood or hauling bark or pulling weeds. And as far as a career goes, what you DO defines you. Whether its work or creative pursuits. Measuring what we’ve done, what we are doing, and what we are planning on doing.

And then this virus hit. And it confined me to a small space. I’ll be honest, I generally require larger spaces – I occupy too much of it. And this space in el Conparimento allows for limited doing. So a modification to my days were required. And modifications to how I get through my day. And to how I think about and value what I can do. Perhaps it took me more days than most people. I don’t really know. Although I do think I’m ahead of prison inmates I’ve been reading about on the adjustment and acceptance curve. Certainly on the socialization while in confinement curve. Although Jeff may dispute this. He’s lucky I didn’t follow the age-old advice that if you are ever sent to prison pick a fight with the biggest guy on your cell block and punch him in the face, to establish your place in the prison pecking order. I should remind him of my generosity there.

But I’m not alone. People around the world are in the same boat. And they’re all looking for ways to redefine normal. In the midst of this, some are battling illness or have lost family, or jobs. And some are living with fear day to day. Physical, mental, financial. The buffet of uncertainty. And we all cope in varying ways.

Emilie has been at my Mom’s for nearly a month now. The rug pulled out from under her end of Senior year activities and celebrations. 18 and 80 – that’s the gap in the house. Two women, 3 cats, and a small puppy learning to get along and make adjustments as they go. So I was happy to get these photos yesterday. Emile and my Mom have picked up a brush and the results are remarkable. But you can judge for yourself.

Emilie – The artist herself
Candy’s Bob Ross Impression

So perhaps it isn’t the amount of what we do but the beauty generated by the outcome. Bringing more beauty to the world is the best thing I can think of and these two are doing just that. Not too shabby. And they’ve inspired me to break out my brushes today. Adding my contribution to making the world a better place with positive, artistic energy one brush stroke at a time.

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