Pulling Together

Sometimes I’m up in the middle of the night walking around and looking out the window, so it can be hard to wrest myself out of bed in the morning. When I do get up it’s long after Jeff. He’s in the living room before the sun comes up. My first question, before he hands me a coffee, is usually ‘Where are we at today?’ He doesn’t have to guess what I mean. This is now a morbid game of tracking the virus in numbers. Infections, deaths, those critical, and those recovered. He will have already checked the ‘score.’ Today he sadly reported ‘We’re ahead of China now in deaths. We’re second only to Italy.’ It’s the silver medal in an unimaginable Olympics of Death. You want to avoid the podium. Like in the movie ‘War Games’ – The only winners are those who do not play.

But there are bright spots. People around our community who are doing inspiring things to help each other to cope. We need to focus on the good that is happening around us. And it’s most important for those who are older, or ill and infirm. And for people who are on our front lines.

The city of Valencia has launched a service for those who are 60 or older and live alone. The person just needs to call a special number. and if you qualify, they will take down a list of things needed and go to Carrefour to purchase them. This service will also bring meals to the person every day. Sort of a Menu del dia style meal with 3 courses and a drink. You can contact them at:

(t) 900 525 798 from 8am to 3pm.

And they’re doing testing for anyone who wants it here now. Just call and make an appointment and turn up for your spot. Those manning these stations are real hero’s.

Drive thru testing for those who have symptoms

Protecting each other and ourselves by listening to authorities is most important. You can tell people are starting to go stir crazy. Over 900 arrests yesterday for those who violated the lock down. But we persevere. Today we are one day closer to a cure. One day closer to a treatment that will block the virus’s worst effects and save lives. One day closer to a vaccine. We just need to stick with it. For those of you in the UK and the US and Canada – watch us closely. We are your future. If it works here it can work there. Stay safe, Stay sane, and Stay inside.

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