Where There is Will…

It’s important to start to try to get a handle on our lives in quarantine. I’ve been sick but I’m feeling much better. My cough is under control and I’ve slept 8 hours – nearly straight – in the last 24. So I think I’m on the mend. Jeff started coughing this morning but it’s not too bad yet.

In an effort to inject some normalcy back into my life I’ve started walking the stairs. Our building is quiet out in the common areas. We can hear those with children around us beating each other to a pulp and driving their parents mad! But we can’t see anyone. So I thought it might be a good time to start slowly getting back into an exercise routine since walking 15k steps a day out on the street could put me in jail.

We do what we can

Of course we’re still glued to our news channels and our preferred social media but it seems our sense of humor has slowly returned. I showed this news story to Jeff about ISIS recommending their members avoid Europe for jihad during this pandemic. And his response?

‘Wow – Imagine being a suicide bomber who works from home. You know its bad when the group that assigns you your suicide mission is suddenly concerned for your personal health.’ Ugh.

You know its bad when you’re impacting a Jihad

I came back from my foray into the stairwell ready to have a shower and breathe in the hot steam to help keep my lungs clear. Jeff met me at the door.

‘I used your bathroom while you were out and saw all the toilet paper in there. Wow! I didn’t realize we were so rich!’ Toilet paper being the new pandemic currency of the moment. Yes, a little pandemic-humor never hurt anyone.

People are stepping up all over the place here and getting creative. It’s easy in the boredom to get wrapped up in your own head and take the the bait of the spiral of social media and the news – allowing it to cause overwhelming anxiety. But a friend of mine who is a therapist, and got caught in the UK and can’t get back to Spain, has set up a ‘Mindfulness’ WhatsApp group and she’s leading us all through meditation and mindfulness exercises on a daily basis to keep us focused on gratitude and using our idle time more wisely. I’m loving it and it makes me feel more connected to myself and others. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

I hope you all are finding ways to stay sane in this quarantine – either forced or self-selected. And connected to others. Times are uncertain but we’ll get through it together.

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