The Policia Aren’t Messing About

The government has done everything to lock the country down. But not everyone is cooperating. And while the medical professionals toil inside hospitals around Spain, the police are doing their part to keep us all safe.

Come on, hombres, help them out. Don’t think you’re the only one who has the right to go out. Lets be smart about this. Don’t put yourself or the Police in jeopardy. They have enough to do in this crisis.

Carry on with your puzzles, watching Frozen for the 100th time. Crack open another botella de vino tinto. Yell at your bored kids and fed up Wife. Whatever gets you thru the day.

And hey! You’ve been in those pajamas for two days now. You could use a shower, a change of underwear and some personal care. Your family will thank you for it. But don’t be a douche and go outside, because its not a good look. Except and unless there is no alternative.

#staysafe 🙏

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