Intentions for a New Decade

For years now we’ve used December 31st as the moment to take stock and reflect on the year gone by. And then to set our intentions for the following year. We’d write this down and then seal it to be opened one year later; marveling at how much this practice set the tone for the year.

I’ve heard this called many things. Living with intention. Jeff calls it ‘The Power of The List’. We would sometimes post this in our bedroom to be looked at it on a daily basis. But for me it’s evolved into a daily mantra that helps guide my life personally. I will take these intentions and reformat what I’ll say every morning in the form of ‘I want’, ‘I have’, and then ‘I’m grateful for’. This states what I want to have happen. Then stating it like I already have it. And then finally, stating it in the form of gratitude that I already possess these things.

Here’s to clear skies and beautiful views in 2020

When I say ‘things’ I don’t mean stuff. Things to be purchased. It’s usually states of being, and experiences. Or accomplishments. It’s the idea of ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’ If I can’t see it, I can’t direct all my energies there. In reviewing my mantra for 2019, I’m amazed at how much I can check off. And how much I have to be grateful for. Some things have rolled from past years – most things don’t just fall into our laps. They take hard work and time – like a fine wine. But with persistence and gratitude I find most things are achievable. And there are those things that I will always want to focus on and will never leave the list.

On this last day of the decade- the last day of 2019 – I wish you all the things your heart calls out for in 2020. The gratitude to realize how much you already have, and the peace that come with it. May the next decade bring us closer to each other as we tackle the big issues of this world together. And bring more connection and community. We have a great many things to do together. Let’s get started.

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