The Cloud of Dreams

Close your eyes. Closed? Ok. Breathe deep. Imagine you are staying at a refugio outside Palas de Rei. It was raining when you got here but blessedly, they had a covered cafe. And then you discoverer they had a private room. Heaven.

We are staying in a place of refuge. And not just from the weather. Like a sanctuary run by a Spanish man and his Argentinian wife. Its perfect.

We started our day in Portomarin to a beautiful sunrise. This gave way to a cold uphill walk for most of the day. Then a long downhill that burned my thighs and my toes. I was tired and whiney.

‘I can not do one more hill! I’m fed up!’ I cried

Then out of the mist, virtually from no where, appeared a place of refuge. Sanctuary. Or at least a cafe con leche. So we went in thru the wide barn doors into the ancient barn and stone courtyard. Only to discover it had been completely reformed into a modern paradise.

We were led to a private double room and as I showered in the tub that could hold 6 people easily, I mused.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to own a refugio? Helping pilgrims and facilitating the pilgrimages for those of all faiths and nationalities? Providing a port in the storm of Galician weather?

I could see myself owning an old stone building with windows sills two feet thick. I could serve beverages to the weary and infirm. Providing a simple meal to sustain them on their journey. Real bedding so they might feel human for just one night. Unlimited hot water, of course.

I stand under the steaming water but when I shut it off, the mist clears. Was it just a Camino dream? Hmm. Who can say? But its 7pm and I’m ready for a good nights sleep. And if this is Hotel California I’ll happily never leave.

2 thoughts on “The Cloud of Dreams

  • I am in Portugal where it’s raining buckets. We are in Meira, a little town that is on the Coastal Portuguese Way. It is filled with cold wet peregrinos, many in this hotel probably having a dream like yours.
    Boa camino

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  • I am in Portugal and it is raining buckets. I can only imagine how wet and chilly you were when you found your dream. We are in Meira, which is on the Coastal Portuguese Way so I am surrounded by cold and wet peregrinos, many in this hotel. No doubt having a dream similar to yours. ⛈😊
    Boa Camino

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