Galician Rain: The Quintessence of Wetness

Holy Moly! It rained a little today on our walk from Sarria to Portomarin. Like if the earth flipped on its axis and the Atlantic ocean was dumped over the top of us for hours.

I’ve experienced rain like this before. Except then I was inside a car or Inside our home looking out with a fire burning in the grate. Or I could run home and take a hot shower. Never walking for hours thru it when its raining from below, hitting the pavement so hard it splashes up at you like little water bullets. The underside of our rain hats were wet after the water bullets hit our faces.

Jeff looked over at me during an epic deluge, while climbing a steep incline ‘Yup. I could do this for a month.’

So were we deterred? Not for a moment. Well, we did stop a few times at cafes to pretend we could ‘dry out’ and ‘wait for it to blow over’ but that was just fantasy. Eventually, after becoming chilled to the bone, we would get up like two old codgers, not even silently moaning to ourselves ‘Wait. I just need a minute to stretch.’ Then grabbing our poles for help before getting up to speed.

Back in Valencia, not a day goes by that we don’t get our 10k steps in. Usually more. But those are not Camino steps. Up and down thru mud and unidentifiable smelly muck. Crossing streams and climbing down thru a rocky slippery crevasse into Portomarin. Its rained so hard that roads I’ve walked before are covered in silt and rocks today. Washed out.

But now Jeff is asleep. I just got up to go to the bathroom and it only took me 3 minutes to stand. The ibuprofen must be kicking in. The last time I was here I’d done the pain before Pamplona. Galicia had nothing on me after 30 days, mountains and the Meseta.

But its still as lovely as I remembered it. The greenest greens and even the weather rolling in was beautiful before it sliced thru us like a water knife. Here are a few picture from our day. Layered up with gear – Jeff hasn’t stopped smiling like the water baby he is.

4 thoughts on “Galician Rain: The Quintessence of Wetness

    • We learned they’re like corn cribs. But we’ve seen them a houses in towns too. And little replicas in front yards so I think they’re a beloved cultural thing. Yes, we took the easier path last time on a less wet day. So this wasn’t the day to have any more of a wet muddy adventure than we were already having.


  • Benvido a Galicia! The rainy season here is legendary. Sometimes it’s raining and the sun is shining but it doesn’t stop us from doing anything. I like watching the storms rolling in from the sea and mountains.
    Nice pics. I like the one of the cow. They are called Rubias (blondies)and are a bred in Galicia for the meat. You probably see them everywhere. Try to stay dry….the storms aren’t over yet.

    Boa Camiño

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    • One question i have for you that I had last time. Jeff is so intrigued by these little elevated huts. I thought they were dove cotes but I dont think so now. Do you know? Sometimes terra-cotta and sometimes cement and wood.


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