Feathering Our Nest

There is only one thing that could keep me from wanting to take this trip North. Just one thing. And unfortunately it’s reared its soft downy goose head. No, I’m not raising birds…YET. But I don’t have to because people in Nordic places where they horde such things have an ample supply.

Now, I don’t want to say I live a life of luxury. Because I don’t. But I’m about to get a taste of it with our new top of the range dual-pillow-chamber-down feather bed. Yes, it came in! And we’ve picked it up, ready for the cool climes of rainy October nights. Ah yes. Flannel sheets and a feather bed, in which to sink like a baby or sleep, as if a butterfly in it’s cocoon. Nothing is better than that. OK, there are a few things but right now I can’t think of many right now.

Wait, What?! When we it ordered this summer (it was 7,000 degree Celsius that day) from our friends at El Corte Ingles in Campanar, we had visions that October would be like Seattle. I’d need to wear my Barbour coat, a jaunty scarf, and cute Hunter boots (Wellys to the Brits). Laughing while I splash puddles and run from my car to the door of whatever business was worthy of my custom. Nodding to my fellow weather adventurers as we say something stupid like ‘Can you believe this rain?’ <wakes from dream and slaps side of head>. Oh yeah, we live in Valencia now.

The first weeks of October here have looked like the last week of September. Rain? What rain. I need an umbrella from the sun. Coats, or even a jacket, are the jokes you laugh at. Maybe if I got up at 3 am and went outside naked I might need a light windbreaker. (If I didn’t want to get arrested). But other than that it’s been too warm.

I sit here and look at this lovely dual-pillow-chamber down feather bed and I want to pet it. I won’t deny it.

‘Be my friend.’ I want to tell it. ‘Let me sleep on you in October like normal people in northern Canada before the global climate change catastrophe. I promise, if you do, I’ll skip my little Camino. I’ll stay with you. And if you’re good and make it get cold, I’ll let you play with my Canada Goose Expedition coat.’

At the mention of the Expedition coat I know I’ve gone too far. It doesn’t speak back. It just sits there in it non-ecofriendly wrapping mocking me. Fine! I’ll leave it here and go. But one thing I’m bringing back with me from Galicia is RAIN!! No matter what I have to do, I’ll find some sort of Celtic witch up there who can conjure a spell to let me do it. Because when I get back – sweaty weather or not – I’m sleeping on that dual-chamber-down feather bed come hell or high water! Yes, I may be doing it alone as Jeff will never agree. Very well. That’s just more Nordic luxury nee’ fantasy for me.

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