Birthday Wishes from Home

Its Jeff’s Birthday. 52. Finally. Every year, for 6 weeks we’re 2 years apart. So Jeff’s birthday puts us back to just a year that separates us. I feel sure that this one year will be significant as we get older. It will mean that I’ll be using a cane before he does. My glasses will get thicker before his. Since I’m already losing on average, 4 pairs of prescription glasses and another 4 pairs of sunglasses every year I’m well ahead of him on the forgetful scale.

This year I decided that I’d surround him with his favorite things. I mean, what do you get a guy who has everything? Or at least will just purchase it when the mood strikes. So surprising him with things on special occasions is not an easy endeavor. Luckily, I was preparing for this day way back when I was in the US.

First up – the birthday dessert. No simple cake or ice cream. Nope. Jeff is an uncomplicated guy and since we’ve moved to Valencia he’s craved one thing consistently – Jello. And the gelatin here just doesn’t have the same flavor and consistency of the real thing. So to accommodate the varied flavors that will satisfy his 1970’s palate, some room needed to be made in the suitcase home. TSA made sure they opened that suitcase to check it out. Probably shaking their heads.

Happy Birthday Jello!

Jeff hasn’t been enjoying all the Birthday love coming his way from his friends at Facebook. The daily reminder he’s getting older by making suggestions for organizations that he might find helpful or enjoy donating to at his advanced age. He sent me some of them and I laughed. He wasn’t as amused.

There are times Jeff misses the Northwest of the US. I think that’s why he’s looking forward to moving to the Northwest of Spain. He misses the smell of Fall in the air and rain. Real rain. But while I was there this summer I bought him a couple of photographs. The first is taken at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. He’s always loved the dramatic terrain of the Pacific Coast. Oregon’s is so much more craggy than the coast of Washington State.

Haystack Rock from Ecola State Park – Oregon Coast

The second is of Seattle. No matter what, for Jeff, Seattle will always be home. He was born there and it’s where he grew up. So I figured that he’d enjoy having both of them in his lair here. On a day when he’s missing the ease of living in a place that is so familiar – he can look at these photos and smile.

But then I snuck in a little something else. Jeff is the barrista in our house and every day he makes me my coffee. So I brought a little bit of home back for the guys who makes the best coffee in the world. Even though he never drinks it. But its something that will say ‘Home’ to him too.

Happy Birthday, El Jefe. I hope this year is he best one yet.

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