La Mesa de Mosaico

It’s the a time of year again. Fall is in the air and after a busy summer of travel, life returns to normal. The mornings are cooler and the heat of the day isn’t as hot as it was in July. September promises cooler temperatures – even though this first day has decided to give us a last gasp of summer.

It’s also the season when we have visitors to Valencia. Sure, it’s back to school season, but since our kids are all in the US and most of our friends and family are either childless or well past the child-raising phase of life, they get to travel at the shoulder season or off season when the crowds are gone and the weather is still good. And it’s got me thinking.

We don’t get to see our most cherished friends and family that often. People with whom we have a long history. Sure, some can make the trip to visit, but for others that’s just not possible. Both Jeff and I go through phases of really missing certain people; just sitting down for a good long chat. Something we took for granted before, but now takes effort and a day’s journey to achieve. And WhatsApp just doesn’t always cut it.

I’m not a big fan of social media. Twitter is the only platform I participate in anymore. And that’s more for news and a global perspective on the events of the day. And to stay connected to a community of writers. So I don’t see Instagram posts or FB pics of my friends doing what they do on a daily basis. I prefer to learn about it when we get together.

Mine will be a tad more eclectic than this beauty

So I’ve decided I need to find another way to keep them close. A reminder of our friendship and our history on a daily basis. But what to do? And then I woke up early this morning and it hit me. I live in one of the ceramic capitals of the world. I’m surrounded by some of the most beautiful examples of the art form on a daily basis. And I have always loved mosaics. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the most amazing examples of mosaic in historic places all over the planet. Some made from stone and others from pottery. So it’s time I created one of my own. And who better to help me than my friends.

Yes, that means another project for Espacio Creativo. And yes, this will require El Jefe to get out his tools and assist. But, as time goes by, when each of our friends or family visits us, instead of the usual gift for hosting them (that’s standard) I will ask them to bring a piece of ceramic or porcelain that they want to add to my table. We’ll put it in a pillow case and break it together and then incorporate it into the design. And for those who can’t make the trip? Well, we can do it back in the US just as easily and I’ll carry the broken pieces back with us

Will they all match each other? No. But that’s part of the beauty of it. Each will be like no other. And will there be places that seem to stop and start abruptly? Yes. But I that’s exactly like life and it’s not about the individual pieces anyway, but how they come together and add to the overall beauty.

We are getting serious about finding a home in the Northwest of Spain. And as we look at the real estate pictures I’ll be envisioning our mosaic table in the space. And when we find a place where it will be at home, I’ll know that’s the one. Because we want to make sure our family and friends are happy there too. Not just in the Fall, but every day of the year.

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