Oops! and Oops, Again

Yup! I’m messing with the Blog. It was time for a refresh. Even I was getting bored with the old theme. So you may have noticed some changes are underway – in real time.

The best part is I’m learning. The worst part is that its taking me some time. So bear with me and please excuse the dust, the noise and the mess. Hopefully, I’ll be where I want to be after the ‘HELP’ message I sent to my friends at WordPress comes back with all the golden tablets containing the knowledge I’m missing.

My back up plan? Well, Jeff is enroute to London, as we speak. So my tech support will be here by tonight. Yes, jet-lagged and probably grouchy. But I feel sure he’ll be happy to help me when he walks in the door. Yeah Right!

In the meantime – your patience is appreciated. Fingers crossed. 🤞

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