100 years – The Treaty of Versailles

We’ve been in France on holidays and historic days before. We spent Bastille day in Paris with our kids when they were much smaller – to celebrate Emilie’s actual adoption. And last year Jeff and I were here for VE day. Marking the day WWII ended in Europe with local celebrations, remembrances and parades in every town we rode through.

Today marks another one of those historic days in France, and yet again we are here for it. The 100th anniversary of the signing of The Treaty of Versailles- the official end of WWI. My grandfather fought in the war, but that’s not why I find this to be such an important moment in the history of the world.

The Treaty of Versailles would set up all the dominoes that would fall around the world from that point on. Yes, it’s echoes are felt even today. It would tee up WWII and everything that has happened in the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

On this historic anniversary, going thru it completely is too much ground to cover in a little blog like mine. But I read this article recently and I’m including a link in case you’re interested in learning more about not only the treaty, but all the activities that went on surrounding the negotiations. It’s an eye opening tableau.


The lesson for me here is:

  • Revenge never pays off
    Diplomacy beats sabers every day of the week
    Never negotiate something so important in a place called the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ – cause that’s just too on the nose, and it won’t end well
    Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it
    Karma bites hard – and it has a long tail

We will be spending this day sightseeing in Colmar, so more pics. But as we walk around so much history, I think it’s important to reflect on how we got here. And 100 years ago today was where so much of it began.

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