2021 Valencia Holidays Calendar

We are forever getting caught off guard on holidays here in Valencia. There are national holidays for all of Spain, and then there are the regional holidays just for the Valencia Communidad. Generally, we find out about these by happenstance when the stores are closed on a random Tuesday when we’re out of food or really need something, like a bank. So here are the holidays that we know about for 2020. It covers both Spanish holidays and one’s specific to Valencia. If you’re traveling to other areas of the country you’ll want to look up the holidays specific to those autonomous regions.

Note: This doesn’t include municipal festivals or an exhaustive list of religious holidays – like Our Lady of the Forsaken Day the second weekend in May (where most stores are also closed) – although some religious holidays are listed below as they overlap with Valencian Holidays. And bank holidays? Well, that’s a whole separate calendar.

A little more background details on some of the big fiestas in Valencia in 2020