The Familiar

We had a whirlwind few days in Seattle. Our list was long and we got it all done. Whew! And we landed during the most perfect fall week with sunny days and cold nights that ensure the fall colors will be epic.

It was great but I need to remember that soon it will rain for 6 months straight. The grey cloud deck will weigh down like an oppressive hair shirt on the population of Puget Sound. But I’ve always said that there is no where in the world that is more beautiful than a sunny fall day in Seattle. We got 4 of them.

We were all over the place this trip taking care of business. On our travels we visited old houses we lived in. Our last one in Snoqualmie is on the market less than 2 years after they bought it from us. They want $1.3 million for it but they’ve painted it, and the pool, like something outbid ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ so I didn’t take any pictures because its burned into my memory now. I did take a photo of the road before our half mile long driveway started. Mount Si was out and so were the colors.

We went down into town to see the resident elk herd and they were there too. Right where we left them.

This video doesn’t exist

After our document foray to Olympia, we went up to Bremerton and took the ferry to Seattle. I watched Jeff stand at the front of the boat the entire 1 hour trip.

‘This is what I miss.’he said, looking out over the water.

This video doesn’t exist

We took a ferry every 3 or 4 years when we lived here. But I get it. We could do it any time we wanted.

What I miss alot is the food. Thai, Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian. We ate it all. Bacon, sweet bacon. And maple sausage links.

But I think the thing we miss the most is the people. We had lunch with our accountant and his wife. We went back to their house in West Seattle and enjoyed the view. Cool people and good company.

But I know I’ll miss my family in Portland. And Jeff is already missing his Mom. It just goes to show that its the people we love that make a place. The views, food and conveniences are important but it’s the love that never changes. We may live on the other side of the world but we carry those most important to us with us no matter where we go.

Hasta Luego, Northwest. See you in 6 months.

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