The Mosqueta

We have found our favorite place. La Mosqueta has air conditioning and a cool funky vibe In Benimaclet. It’s near where my Spanish lessons take place.

Benimaclet is a cool old part of the city and is our neighborhood. We love it here with it alternative music and food scene. It’s grittier than Russafa and the old city. But it’s more accepting and inclusive of those outside of the main steam. We like that.

Every day now, I’m meeting with my Spanish tutor in the plaza and I’m making progress. Yesterday we talked thru the familial hierarchy that include ‘la familia polĂ­tica’. In laws. And I’m starting to form sentences and conjugate verbs. Very exciting.

We found a gourmet shoppe that carries olive oils we have not seen before and Anchor Steam beer from San Francisco. We are in heaven.

That doesn’t mean I don’t make a fool of myself on a regular basis. Jeff and I went for afternoon tapas at ‘ La Mosqueta’ and we decided to venture across the street to the candy store for Gummi Bears.

The owner came out to serve us and I didn’t see Gummi bears so I put my hands up and growled like a bear. P.s. my teacher told me to try not to use a translation app. The owner and his wife laughed at my bear impression. As did Jeff. Finally I used google translate to determine ‘bear’ is Oso in Spanish and promptly determined they didn’t carry them.

So we headed back to ‘La Mosqueta’. The good news is my Spanish verb conjugations are improving. The bad news is my bear impressions have not. Oh well. The waiter still understands ‘Otto cervacia y vino rosado’ so that’s all that counts.

One thought on “The Mosqueta

  • Love Benimaclet! This is where I stayed in Valencia with a professional chef who taught me how to make paella in her kitchen! Awesome little corner of the world! There’s a bar owned by a giant rugby player who used to live in Texas. The name escapes me but it was definitely a local hangout. I enjoyed my time there.

    Love reading your posts and following your adventures!

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