World Cup Weekend

We’re Spanish now. At least during the World Cup. Our team has made it to the top 16 and we’ve been with them the whole way. We haven’t watched any of the matches in the same place twice and experiencing the spectrum of venues from gritty to a little more swanky, and the crowds that frequent them, has been fun!

Last night we went to San Remo on Carrer de Salamanca. It’s a little more upscale and they had TV’s in the windows so we could sit outside and watch Uruguay v. Portugal. I must say, I took great pleasure watching Cristiano Renaldo stopped from interfering with our road to World Cup glory.  Yes, I know it’s a long shot for the Spanish team, but Portugal tied us in the first game so I’m happy to seem them go. And Uruguay’s play was impressive.


Afterwards, we went around the corner and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Guacamole, so the evening couldn’t have been better. Today, it’s a different story. Spain is playing Russia at 4pm CET local time. Normally, I wouldn’t care so much who our opponent was. I mean, we just need to beat them. But then I got a WhatsApp message from Ryan, our oldest.

Ryan lives in Boulder and his girlfriend is Russian. They’re both studying for their Phd.’s and we really like her alot. But this is sports, after all. All bets are off in the World Cup. He asked who we were going to cheer for. I told him ‘Spain, of course.’ And I indicated in the strongest possible terms that he should consider doing nothing other than that himself – even though the person who shares his house, and his heart, is on the other team (so to speak).

He asked me if we couldn’t just be happy that both teams had gotten so far in the tournament and celebrate that? I laughed – OMG! Who did he think he was talking to? This is the World Cup. There will be no quarter given. OK, I did make one concession. I agreed I will not shout expletives at the TV when Russia fouls us or fakes an injury – like I did during the Portugal game in a crowded bar – much to Emilie’s chagrin.

Her embarrassment will be kept to a minimum today. We are going to watch the game today from home. We have snacks, drinks and are ready to go. The marching bands in the neighborhood will start around 3pm. The pre-game fireworks are assured. Counting down to the moment of glory when we will crush the Russians! Well, just beat them in the final 16, anyway. But if Spain makes it to the quarter finals the city will go crazy. And in investment of a jersey might be in our futures.


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