Weekend Doings

It was Father’s Day weekend in the US – so that’s the one we celebrate here. Back in March, they celebrated Padre Dia on a Monday and it was a bank holiday. But we’re sticking with what we know.

On Friday night, we went to a local bar and watched the World Cup Match between Spain and Portugal. Being in Europe during World Cup is a very different experience to being in the US when this epic battle takes place. In the US, we have football and basketball and baseball. It dilutes the fan base. Here, they have Futbol and they’re all in.

Earlier in the day, Emilie and I had gone to do a little shopping at the Centro Commercial and stopped at our favorite frozen yogurt place for a bit of refreshment. They guy gave us our usual pequena sized dishes and toppings and then handed over some ‘Espana’ scarves supporting our World Cup national team, complete with the company’s logo. Now, I’m familiar with the concept of ‘Gift with Purchase’ but these were pretty high quality considering we paid 2,50 euros for a small yogurt.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about receiving something free in my life! OK, now were were locked in. We had to go to a local Cerveceria and watch the match. And we did. We got dressed in Spanish colors – we have no jerseys (yet) – and made our way to a place that usually shows Bull Fights from Madrid on their outside TV’s. It was a festive mood. The tapas menu was limited and the fans were excited to see their team go up against Cristiano Renaldo – who kicked a PK right out of the gate to put Portugal ahead. I cheered and found out that just because the team is in Red doesn’t mean it’s Spain. Ooops! The old man next to me schooled me in rapid Spanish, complete with arm waving (note: he didn’t flip me off so that was good) and from then on I was a pro.

Emilie dazzled me with her Spanish and Portuguese Futbol knowledge and we enjoyed cheering with the crowd. I learned to hold up my yogurt scarf when they did something really great and it was all good. I’m ready for Wednesday when they go up against Iran at 8 pm local time.

On Sunday, Emilie and I gave Jeff the gifts we bought him. It was an eclectic mix, for sure. We had gone to the American store here and bought him some of his favorite foods. Beef Jerky (the real stuff from home), Clam chowder, pulled pork, chili, his favorite candies and more. We got him a few other things but I think that stuff was his favorite. Our oldest son had sent a card from Colorado so he was happy to see that. Ryan is learning Russian while getting his PhD., so Emilie and Jeff had fun trying to translate his message (and his handwriting).

Then Jeff suggested a ride down the coast on the motorcycle. So we took off for a bit. We only went about 25 miles south but it was a beautiful, warm early evening and a zillion kite surfers were out. We went through several beach towns and had ice cream. Then made our way home through Sunday-night-going-home-beach-traffic and realized it’s the same across the globe. Never go home from the beach on a Sunday night.

But the upside was that Jeff has become a round-about pro. I was dazzled with his prowess as he navigated the hairiest of them going from 3 lanes entering, to becoming 8 lanes while in it, complete with stop lights mid-round about, and then exiting to a street that has only two lanes that rapidly condense into one lane. So fun! He’s decided there are two types of roundabouts. The first is the same number of lanes going in, while in, and exiting. The second is the first one I described. These he calls ‘going into the mixer’. You’ll cross over multiple lanes, while going around, and then a few more while exiting. But his assessment is that most of the drivers on the road her are pretty respectful so he just goes for it and it’s all good.  What a difference a month makes!

We came home and I made dinner. Emilie had bought him one of his favorites last week – Onion rings – so I added them to the mix of ‘Picnic’ dinner I was making while we binge watched Goliath on Amazon. After eating 7 or 8 of them, Jeff announced that they were not onion rings, but Calamari. Emilie promptly spit hers out and threw them away and we all had a good laugh that ketchup seems to cover the taste of almost anything.

So that was our weekend. On to another full week. As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and listening to my neighbor sing opera at full voice, I’m never sure whats on the docket, but I am very sure it will be interesting.

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