The Bike is Back!

Well, not quite yet because we have to ride it across Western Europe to get it home to Valencia. We flew to Frankfurt and made our way down to Heidelberg, where it was waiting for us. Jeff nearly cried when he saw her. It has been nearly 4 months since we dropped her off with stranger in LA.

The guy who imported her for us is a loving steward of all things two wheeled and motorized. He keeps bikes in his workshop on Turkish carpets.

We’ve begun our trek back after some delays in insurance coverage and a part needing to be replaced. But we are on our way now. Our first stop is the Motorcycle Mecca of the Touratech factory store in a small village 3 hours south of Heidelberg. We met a new friend named Rolf there who offered to take us for lunch at a town about 30 minutes away, and we followed this total stranger because that’s what you do. The town is called Wolf and it’s the real deal.

Leavenworth, an ‘I-wish-I-was-the-village-of-Wolf-on-the-edge-of-the-Black-Forest-in-Germany’ kind of place in WA state can only be a pretender. And the other alpine villages were lovely too. We stopped for schnitzel and a beer. What else do you do in a medieval German village? Then we rode up to the top of a ridge line and had some desert. Black Forest cake for Jeff.

Then we rode to Strasbourg in France to stay the night. Strasbourg is right on the border of France and Germany. A Medieval jewel nestled in the Rhine River Valley, it changed hands a lot over the centuries. French, German then French again. More history and culture than can be reasonably absorbed in a brief stop over. But stunning architecture and views.

Next Stop: Dijon! Yes, of mustard fame, near Champagne. Should be a yummy, picturesque ride. But first we need to get over some mountains. Cheers!

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