A Sunday of Yum!

Yesterday, we headed north and made a couple of stops on a Sunday drive. I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves but a little context first. We left Valencia about 9 am and headed for our first stop in Sant Mateu. Above the town in the spot where Papa Luna – or one of the disputed Popes from way back when. OK 800 or so years ago, vacationed and hung out overlooking the town. There is a lot of history here about the time when there were two popes claiming St. Peter’s throne. They built and occupied a bunch of castillos and hilltop refugios.

After visiting the hilltop church, we headed into an olive grove with more than 1000 year old trees of Farga olives. After which we went to a very old Olive Press and a new one to taste the fruita. It was pretty yummy and we are now the bearers of many litres of the ambrosia of some oil from these rare olives.

Then it was time to head to Peniscola and lunch at the Castillo. Stunning views, good company and some Templar history. I included some of the views from the windows that were like are unto themselves. This Templar castle was a stronghold for the order and popes until the King of Spain wiped them all out in 1312 on Friday, October 13th.

A lovely day – we were beat and over sunned when we got home but what a stunning day!

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