All Creatures Great and Small

It was a beautiful day today. And a little cold. So it was time to get up early and head out to run some errands. We walk everywhere but looking around, everyone here seems to be participating in some sort of activity above and beyond that. It seems if you’re not cycling, running, doing cross-fit in the park, etc. then you’re a schlubb. It was time to rectify that.

We walked about a mile and a half down to a huge fitness complex – seemed fitting – and asked for information about the complex, spa service (let’s be honest, I’m not a heathen) and the like. On their website they tout their large buffet and full bar, which seems a bit disparate, but hey – it’s Spain. Priorities, right? I love it, so I approached the counter and used the 7 Spanish words I have to ask for Infomacion. This proved a bit difficult.

They went and got ‘others’ and finally someone who speaks English as well as I speak Spanish helped me fumble through leaving my number so someone who could talk to me could call me later. That worked for me and I wrote down my info and left.

Of course, one can’t let a day like today go to waste – and I had to get my steps in, so it was time to head to the park near our apartment. It’s such a lovely oasis, but then there is so much green space here. Trees galore. If the air isn’t perfumed with orange blossoms, it’s juniper berries. The plants are lush and amazing. The rose garden in this park is blooming and the gardeners are out in force getting the place ready for the season.

Some of the follys in the park are being repaired and cleaned. And today I got to get very close to the flock of green parrots that live in the area. They were feeding on the grass and I got about 10 feet from them before a dog spooked them.  Gorgeous.

The city was out running their dogs and just running, biking and doing yoga in the park.  Outdoor yoga is huge here. There are a lot of groups I can join where I can do Happy Baby or Cobra on the grass with my fellow park dwellers.

Tomorrow, I’ll head back to the fitness center to complete my sign up so I can keep up with the fittest people on the planet. And it’s Friday, so I’m having lunch with another new friend. And I’ll squeeze in trip to the salon in there. It’s supposed to be another gorgeous day and it’s guaranteed that everyone in this city – furry, feathered or human – will be out enjoying it.

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