The Battle is Over

After battling a kidney stone for a couple of days, I'm on the mend. This isn't the first time I've had them but this time seemed a bit different. Jeff took care of me and saw me through it.  The good news is, I have found an English speaking Dr. who does urgent care too. … Continue reading The Battle is Over

The Business of Living

I awoke very early this morning with serious stomach pains. My whole left side was in such pain and it hurt to even touch it. Ugh. We have been so busy with other things, like living and working, that we haven't established a relationship with a Dr. And finding one that speaks English - my … Continue reading The Business of Living

In the Neighborhood

This morning, after a coffee, we decided to head out and run some errands. But first we stopped off and visited a local tower that used to be the gate tower for the old city of Valencia. If people wanted to enter the town, they had to pass through one of the 12 gates that … Continue reading In the Neighborhood

Good Wine, Good Friends & a Little Kindness

The days seems longer here. I think it's because they're so packed with things we've never done before. Navigating, learning how to do things and seeing stuff that leaves us in awe. My day started with grabbing a Valenbisi bike (the best bike service anywhere) and riding 25 minutes to the city center to meet … Continue reading Good Wine, Good Friends & a Little Kindness

Sights, Scents and Sounds

Yesterday, we decided to go the other way on the river. Usually, were heading towards the City of Arts and Sciences. Or to Colon to go shopping. But what lay the 'other way', we weren't sure so we decided to find out. What a fun day! The upper park is less Hollywood and more neighborhood. … Continue reading Sights, Scents and Sounds

It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Around here, we mostly notice the differences. The similarities don't jump out at us, and there are less of those. Like obeying cross walk signs or driving on the right, the're easy to dismiss. Some differences are subtle, like the fact that you can't buy laundry detergent that is unscented. Everything is seriously perfumed. That's … Continue reading It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Spin It!

Day 2 of Spanish went a little better - for Jeff - than Day 1. After yesterday, I had lectured him on 'keeping and open mind' and just 'going with the flow'. So we walked down to our class again and he grumbled the entire way. We got to the escuela and were the first … Continue reading Spin It!

Lifeguard Wanted!

In the US there is a saying 'Being thrown into the deep end of the pool'. This means that a person goes from being on solid ground, to being in over their head with whatever thing they might be confronting. This could entail being expected to do something that you've never done before, as though … Continue reading Lifeguard Wanted!

A Sunday of Yum!

Yesterday, we headed north and made a couple of stops on a Sunday drive. I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves but a little context first. We left Valencia about 9 am and headed for our first stop in Sant Mateu. Above the town in the spot where Papa Luna - or one of … Continue reading A Sunday of Yum!

The Color of Happy

Don't hate me, but I believe I now own the most beautiful grocery trolley every made. Yes, as you can see in the picture, my new yellow, 4 wheeled, grocery trolley is safely ensconced in the foyer of El Compartimiento.  And I couldn't be more proud. We woke up today, and headed out early. We … Continue reading The Color of Happy