Sunday on the Med

Sunday lunch in Valencia. We have been so focused on setting up house we haven’t yet enjoyed all that compelled us to move here in the first place. Today that changed.

We live near the tram to the beach and we woke up in our newly furnish apartment and got on it. About 10 minutes later and we could see the Med. Ahhh!

Originally we thought we wanted to live on the beach, and we still may. I preferred a bit more city life, but walking along the promenade and breathing in the fresh air made me rethink our choice. We may end up down here yet.

We walked a few miles, then sat down for some beverages and lovely lunch. Every day we enjoy living here more.

Yesterday, we joined other expats and did a Valencian version of ‘March for our Lives’. My introverted, engineer husband was completely out of his comfort zone. But he carried a big banner and chanted slogans with the rest of us. Being a spectacle isn’t his favorite thing but he’s so far outside of what we would normally do, he’s up for almost anything now. Afterwards, he was pretty proud of himself and we celebrated by watching the Valencia Marathon and enjoying a wonderful meal overlooking the Aquarium.

As we head into Spring and walk along smelling all the orange blossoms that are perfuming the air down every Avenida, I can’t imagine things not getting better and better. We are so glad we made this move and today I ordered our meal in Spanish and ‘Otro vino rosado y otro cerveza’. With a view like today, I think I’ll be using it a lot!

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