Getting Down to It

The very nice delivery guys just brought all our stuff we bought yesterday. While we waited for them, in our very empty, echoey apartment, we learned one of our neighbors likes opera and sings along with it. Luckily, he’s not half bad.

But now, our new refrigerator is cooling some water and yogurt. And has Jeff started tackling some of the assembly of more crucial pieces.

Inside the fridge were instructions in every language known to western civilization., except English. No kidding – instructions in 36 languages enclosed in 14 booklets. So, I just plugged it in and it seems to work. I guess I didn’t need the instructions.

Jeff opened box after box. And he’s discovered he needs actual tools. But the hardware store is closed today. Boo. And his tools are on a boat heading for the Panama Canal.

I have been teased in the past for my many, many function Swiss Army knife. I took it on my Camino last summer and used something in it every day. And what does it have? Oh yeah, it has both a Phillips screw driver and a flat head screw driver.

‘But it says I need a hammer too’ he said after he examined my amazing knife, with envy, I’m sure. So I went into my already organized closet. The soulless baggage handler had left me one of my chunky heeled sandals and I handed it to him.

‘Your hammer, sir.’

Jeff tends to talk to himself and whatever he’s assembling. I just try to stay out of the way. Usually, they have disagreements, but in the end they’ll be friends.

Tonight we will have something to lay down on, cold water to drink, and the dim light from a desk lamp. But I’ll take it. Forward motion.

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