Wait – What?!?

The truck showed up at 7:15 pm tonight and then they told me – ‘Yeah, sorry, but we don’t have enough room in the truck for your stuff.’ Am I kidding, you ask? No. Were they kidding, I asked? Sadly, No. Deep breath.

They promised – after spending two hours wrapping our couch and bicycles and inventorying our boxes – to be back ‘Some time tomorrow after we drop off a ‘big load’ 15 miles away.’ Aka – They have no idea what time they’ll be coming back.

I just stood there and looked at them. What can I do? Nothing. I have to let them go away with their big truck and pray they will come back. How this happened, I have no idea. But I did have an indication that it just wasn’t my day.

Jeff got home while they were wrapping our couch. He was late getting home from work and was hungry and ready to go eat. But we had to wait until they left. Finally, we headed down to pick up some Kung Pao chicken and came back to the house to eat off our paper plates.

I dished it up and then I decided to look at my fortune in the cookies in the bag. My philosophy of eating desert first kicked in. I reached in and selected one and SURPRISE!! there was no fortune in mine. Nothing. Apparently, my future is a blank slate upon which, I can write whatever I want. OK, I made that up, but I’m trying to remain positive about everything.

I reviewed my contingency plans, but ultimately, when I wake up tomorrow we will have just 4 days before we fly out. I know it will be just fine, because it has to be.

2 thoughts on “Wait – What?!?

  • This made me chuckle because it is normal behaviour in Spain. Mañana is their favourite word. No one is on time for anything but you get used to it.
    I do have a question. Is your new apartment on the first floor? If not is there an elevator and will your couch fit in the elevator?
    You posted that you will be buying more furniture. Did you know that furniture here is made to order? It takes about an month to have it delivered. Well, that’s how it’s done in Galicia. ☺

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    • Our apartment is on the 6th floor and I had to pay $75 extra to ensure the couch will get up to it. Honestly have no idea how. I love your description of Mañana because I now realize I have been training to live in Spain for the last 6 months. It all makes sense now.


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