Beware the Wolverine

We were both up at many points last night. Both Jeff and I have begun having nightmares. I asked if he thought its because we’re subconsciously nervous about the big move. He just looked at me like I was an idiot.

‘Uh, Yeah. There’s no ‘subconscious’ about it.’

I dreamed that I was being chased by a serial killer who tried to frame me for his crimes and stole my laptop (and thus my finished book). He then published it and became wildly famous but the cops, for whatever reason, could never find him. I suggested calling his agent or ambushing him at his appearance on the ‘Today Show’, but they didn’t act on the clue.

That woke me up and after I went back to sleep, I dreamed that when we got to the airport in Spain, they had outlawed real food and everyone had tablets that they ate. But they only handed the tablets out one time to the entire country and we missed the hand out, so I had to beg people in the airport for tablets for chicken and rice.  OK. It’s weird.

Jeff’s, on the other hand, run more to the animal kingdom. His dreams have involved trying to keep my Mom from letting beavers into our basement at our old house near Seattle. He kept getting one out and she would let 4 more in. She would feed them – not a stretch from her penchant for making friends with squirrels in her back yard – and they would follow her in the house.

Last night, he dreamed he was being followed by a wolverine and he kept trying to get away from it. Finally, he opened the gate into our neighbor’s yard and there were two polar bear cubs in their back yard so the wolverine happily ran off to play with them.

OK – If you’re a psychologist, you’re having a field day with all this. But it is disconcerting and the volume of dreams we’re each having is going up the closer we get. I’m just glad that I know there will be no wolverines or polar bears or beavers in Spain. And they still food there – I feel sure. But my laptop and that book stealing serial killer? Well, I’m going to have to be especially vigilant with that one.

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