Time to Take a Break

After a full day of travel, my daughter, Emilie is home for Christmas. I hate travel days when she goes to and from school. I worry about connections and while she always promises to call me at the first, second and third airports – she gets busy with friends and forgets. So I end up biting my nails until she will invariably call me as she is pulling away from a gate.

‘Sorry – I forgot to call/text. I’m fine but I gotta go cause we’re taking off.’ click

Then I watch Flight Aware to track her progress across the country. This time she flew through Atlanta and with their big power outage last weekend? Well, I was very concerned.  But after some delays, at midnight – she finally came through security, running with a big hug. When she has to go the other way, to Spain alone for the first time – I won’t sleep for two days.

But now that she’s here, it’s all the usual things. Dental appointments, etc. And this morning she’s found out she’ll have all her wisdom teeth pulled on this Christmas vacation. I’m glad she’s home and I can take care of her. I’m not sure how we’ll do all this stuff in Spain. She won’t have a residence visa and her health insurance there will be travel insurance on her breaks from school. Maybe I’ll come back to the US once a year for all the usual appointments for her. Just until she can do it on her own.

You’d think I could relax now – except this afternoon I realize I officially have the flu. Sneezing coughing, nothing but chicken soup and Nyquil. Maybe, just maybe, I need a Christmas break too.

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