Making the List

This New Year's Eve, its time for our annual tradition. Its not just on Thanksgiving that we acknowledge what we're grateful for. Every New Year's Eve, for more than a decade, we've looked back at the year and remembered all the things we're grateful for. For years now, I've used this as the moment in … Continue reading Making the List

Detour around the Comfort Zone

OK - I'll admit it. I almost forgot. I've never lived in the Comfort Zone. Not for 5 minutes my entire life. In nearly every instance, in the last 50 years, when something could have become routine or I could have done whatever it was by rote - I shook it up. As a kid, … Continue reading Detour around the Comfort Zone

The Visa Slalom

Skiing is an apt metaphor for trying to get all the documents ready for our visa appointment, arranging to ship our goods overseas, navigating Spanish banking and all the rest. It's winter, after all. But just like tackling the giant slalom, it's tiring and about halfway down the hill, one wonders if one will make … Continue reading The Visa Slalom

Sometimes You Just Gotta Roll Your Own

This week has been filled with lessons. Some are more clear - like don't believe the FBI when they say they'll get to your fingerprints when the promise to on their website. Others are a little different and more experiential. My first lesson came after we located many, many jars, old Gatorade bottles, zip lock … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Gotta Roll Your Own