It’s not a Sprint

Yesterday, I walked Valencia. Even as far as Alboraya – through the onion fields there. Valencia is a very walkable city. It was good to have a day off! I’ve been running since I got here on this quick trip, squeezed in right before Thanksgiving back home. It’s been overwhelming, at times.


I’ve looked at so many apartments they begin to blend together. And I just needed to get my bearings. Walked out of my hotel yesterday morning, and the Valencia Marathon was literally running by me. Oh Universe! How obvious you can be? I get the message.

I’ve been sprinting for the last few weeks, in a race that is really a Marathon. And now I’m feeling the effects. Bad cold, and the jet lag this time has been brutal. Not like me at all. So today, I stopped and smelled the roses. OK, not the roses – but a second cup of cafĂ© con leche. And went to the local Mercadona and bought food, instead of eating breakfast out. I felt more like myself. More grounded. It slowed me down.

I came back to my room and did the daily mantra I wrote for myself after returning from Spain this summer. I’ve been neglecting it for a few days while running around like a mad woman. It was then I realized, what I’ve been saying to myself every morning for the last 5 months is beginning to come true. Just about every other thing I wrote down, that I said I wanted in my life, is starting to appear. Some are in sharper relief but they’re definitely there. Wow! Someone once told me ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ so maybe that’s true.

Today, my PA is taking me to a few more apartments and I’m hoping that by tomorrow we will make a decision and reserve, to start the process of signing a lease. Today, I’m taking my time. No rushing through the viewings. Looking, seeing and being present. I’ve found my pace to run this race. At last.

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