Reading the Signs

DATELINE VALENCIA –  Sometimes it’s just easier to get on a plane and power through it, rather than emailing, calling and Whatsapping in the wee hours of the morning. Yesterday I started the trek to Valencia and 27 hours, door to door, I’m here. Traveling long haul is never what I look forward to. It’s the destination that holds the allure. But on this trip, the ‘getting here’ was as interesting as the ‘being here’.

I have traveled 100,000 of miles in my life. For work and for pleasure. On any given trip, the most I can hope for is a domestic upgrade or a free drink, if I have status on an airline I’m flying. But this trip, I am going on air carriers where I don’t have status. So I assumed that I’ll be part of the cattle call when the press for boarding is kicked off.

I have been nervous about this trip, for some reason. That’s not like me as I can generally hop on a plane to a city I’ve never been to and just figure it out. But this trip, I have a lot on my plate. I’m making the decisions about where we will live for the next year. The physical space, location in the city and my decision will impact Jeff. So I feel compelled to get it right. I guess I’ve been looking for signs that we’re doing the right thing.

Sign #1 – When I got on the flight from Phoenix to Chicago, a gentleman gave me his seat. Seriously, I didn’t ask him. He offered me his much better seat in Premium Economy as we were boarding and went and sat in mine. So odd. But I thanked him and enjoyed the extra legroom. This put me next to a gentleman who helped me with my two carry-ons and was very helpful in getting me settled in.

Sign #2 – I got upgraded on Iberia, an airline I don’t have status on. I had to get the gate agent to print my pass at O’Hare, because Iberia doesn’t have a counter in Phoenix. He bumped me up and then put no one next to me. I was able to spend my time from Chicago to Madrid in recline and with all the amenities!

Sign #3 – All my gates on this trip have been ‘K’ gates. Like the universe is aligning things. Might sound small but since my name starts with ‘K’ I’m taking this one.

Sign #4 – on the short flight from Madrid to Valencia, the plane was very empty. But a man was sitting next to me from Columbia and sat and talked about how important the ‘Law of Attraction’ is and how mediation is important to him in getting closer to ‘It’. He knows a lot about aligning energy and living on the right wave length to attract the good and leave the not-so-good. It was a weird, but sort of perfect conversation and I really needed it. If he hadn’t been there I would have slept for those 40 minutes and missed some good energy.

So I made it to my hotel, where I collapsed. But now I’m awake and unpacked and ready for all my appointments tomorrow. Sitting here, I feel much better. And I was able to identify why I have felt so strange about this trip. I’ve been here before in the months before my Camino. Asking myself, ‘What am I doing?’, ‘Who does this?’ and listening to all the people who thought I was crazy. But that was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So with that experience of bucking the crowd, this must be the right thing too. We walk more than one Camino in our lives. I guess I just started another one. Buen Camino to me!

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