Oh Ship!!

It’s all gotta GO! Not to Spain. Most of what we own will be re-homed or sold. I spoke to our international shipper last week and we will be allowed 20 medium sized boxes, along with Jeff’s motorcycle, our bikes, a couch and our bed. 20 medium sized boxes. My husband laughed, when he heard it.

‘We’re doomed. Your shoes will take up 20 medium sized boxes.’

‘No. I’m sending some of them to my friends in Seattle. We wear the same size and they’ve promised to send me pictures of wearing them to exotic locales.’

‘Like our children going off to college, or a year abroad.’

He knows I have loved each and every pair of those ankle boots, strappy espadrilles and leather urban hikers. But it’s time to send them off on new adventures.


In an effort to educate ourselves on just how much 20 medium sized boxes might actually hold, we went to our local Home Depot and purchased some. To demonstrate my good faith, I offered half of them to Jeff. He took them from me and tried not to laugh at my sad pouty face.

‘Don’t worry about me’, I said. ‘I’ll just use mine for the things we’ll both use. Useful things, like dishes and a fork. I hope you don’t get tired of seeing me in the same outfit day after day. Perhaps just two bandanas, tied together strategically, and flip flops from the Dollar Store.’

He smiled and gave me another box from his pile.

‘Here. I don’t want you to get cold.’

I squinted – was he suggesting I wear this box? But seriously, how he thinks my sweater collection will fit in a medium sized box, I cannot fathom. Space bags! Hehe – thwarted him again. Too bad I can’t make boots smaller with a vacuum bag.

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